Blanche Binkley is living the retired life in Florida and likes to keep things orderly. When a suspicious new neighbor slinks around the Seaside Flats condos, she starts snooping. No one’s going to mess up her corner of paradise. Neighborhood robberies are on the rise and she wonders if the new neighbor is linked, but when she learns more she begins to feel sorry for the skinny haunted girl in Condo 209. Then the condo homes association loses $40k and wants Blanche to find it before the president, Sal, gets out of the hospital. It get’s messy before it’s over -- someone will be dead, someone else will be kidnapped and Blanche’s friend Al from second floor won’t be speaking to her.

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Nosy Neighbors


by Denise M Hartman

author, Denise M Hartman
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Nosy Neighbors, novel 2013.

Killed in Kruger, novel 2012.

--- Reached top 25 in mysteries on Amazon.

Dying to Diet, short story,

-- first published by Orchard Press Mysteries Snow Slayer, short story,

-- first published by Great Mystery & Suspense Magazine.


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